The Wrong Thing (Bitch Trifecta)

by Poor Eliza (formerly Bitch Trifecta)

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These are selected tracks from the full album The Wrong Thing, produced by Poor Eliza under the name Bitch Trifecta.


released January 1, 2010

Recorded by Stephen Friedman at Melville Park
Additional Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Luke Sullivan
Album art and design by Jina Zhou
All songs written and sung by Jane Park
Drums by Eric Landers
Bass by Rob Johanson
Careless: lead guitar by Luke Sullivan, additional vocals by Shoney Lamar
Fading Away: cello Nick Dinnerstein, violin by Jane Park



all rights reserved


Poor Eliza Boston, Massachusetts

Formerly Bitch Trifecta

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Track Name: Family Prayer
I’ve got your number
from the bathroom wall
Tell them to call
it’s a good time for all

I’ll make this easy for you
Get down on your knees
I’ll help you through

One more confession
One more reason to pray
It takes all our strength
Just to bury our shame

I’ll free your mind of regret
Get ready confess
Bow down your head

Is it your mother again?
She won’t stop preaching
And she won’t stop her prayin

Is she lookin for some kind of change
Or just one more reason to pray?
So bow down your head

Did ya think
she was too young to go
Too old to being staying
Just right to be sold

Through the years
We do what we’re told
And we carry our weight
So heavy we fold

Is it your father again
He scratches tickets
And prays for a win

Is he looking for some kind of change
Or just one more reason to pray?

I hear your sister’s leaving again
She says she loves him
And this time it’s real

No hope of leaving
No reason to stay
Just one more reason to pray

So I bow down my head
Track Name: Careless
I woke up somewhere
I never been before
Just another night
another bed nothing more

Retrace my footsteps
and I realize
We were fighting last night
But I can’t remember why

All I know
You’re gonna leave me one day
This is what you get

Don’t know where I am
I don’t know where I been
I know I disappoint so easily

I really like you
But I don’t understand
How to give you what you need
And I don’t know what you need

All I know
You’re gonna leave me one day

You’re gonna leave me
You’re gonna leave me
It was all meaningless
Just careless
Something to get me through the night

And I was just thinking about you the whole time
I was thinking about you

All I know
You’re gonna leave me baby

All I know
You better leave me baby

This is what you get
This is what you get
Track Name: Fading Away
Tuesday night, I sit here waiting
Take your time, it’s really nothing

I’m not looking for love
I’m not looking to ever change you
I’ll just stay where I am
I’ll keep waiting for your letters

You can’t say how much you’re hurting
I see you smile, but I know it means nothing

All the things that you want
The things you can’t say
Don’t try to be strong
Just try to stay

I’ll be fine, I’ll just keep waiting
Take your time, you know I got nothing

I’m not looking for love
I don’t need you to even like me
Don’t do anything dumb
Like write me stupid letters

Cause I’ll tear them up
I don’t need you to try
You always disappoint me
And I always take your side

Are you running away?
Are you trying to stay?
Do you even care?
You weren’t even there/I know you mean well/I tried to

You’ll never know, o, o, oooh
You’re not alone, o, o, oooh

Cause you’re running away
When I’m begging you stay
And I’m losing your name
You keep fading away